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In Person Handstand Coaching

Private & Semi-Private Training
Build strength, learn the skills, build confidence and experience the fun and benefits of handstand training with fully customized programming for you
Small Group Personal Training
A tailored personal training experience but with the benefits of training in a  small group of like minded people

Online Handstand Coaching

Online coaching is the perfect option for those of you who are able to stay committed to and motivated in your own practice, but need a clear structure, direction and guidance to optimize your training.  We teach handstands for all levels. That means:

  • If you are a beginner/completely new to this type of movement/training and simply don’t know how or where to start the process; or

  • If you are at a more intermediate level and are unsure of what the next step for you is to improve your skill level even further; or

  • If you are at a more advanced level looking to unlock harder skills and/or polish your technique and make your handstand practice more efficient and solid

The Process


The first step is assessing your current level and abilities. A questionnaire will be uploaded in your personal cloud folder to help me get an overview of your current situation and goals. We will also ask you to upload videos of certain functional/movement assessments and your current skill level (if you can already handstand) to better be able to design and structure a program that aligns with your current level and future goals.  Note, where possible, we will program such that you can work on areas that require improvement necessary for future progressions now, so that drills, techniques and training done today can be leveraged immediately as you progress.

Planning & Program Creation

We will collaborate on a plan with you - one that takes account of available training opportunities (days/times), life and family context, your current capabilities in terms of strength, flexibility, body awareness, balance etc.  With this information, we can prepare a fully customized program suited to your specific needs and targreted goals. Your full written program will be uploaded to your cloud folder along with instructional videos for every drill included in your program.


At agreed intervals (typically weekly) we will check in via a review of your upload videos from your training week and answer a set of weekly questions to ensure we are optimized in the training. We will go through your videos and give you specific and detailed feedback on your form and technique to help you progress further and understand the process of your own training better. We will also answer any questions you have about your training. Adjustments, tweaking and updates of the program will be done if needed based on your rate of progression in multiple elements.


Cochn Optios

Coaching Options

We offer different coaching packages depending on the level of commitment you are able to make. Regardless we will be there to help and guide you through the ups and downs of this beautifully frustrating practice. A handstand is not an easy skill to master and sometimes we get a bit lost in the process, both physically and mentally. Our job as a coach is to help you stay on the right path will will save you time achieving accomplishments and enhance your enjoyment of the practice. We will challenge you, support you and hold you accountable for the work you need to put in to reaching your goals.

Coaching Programs

On Ramp


Option 1:

4 weeks (CAD$395)
Weekly follow up (4 check ins)


Option 2:

8 weeks (CAD$695)
Weekly follow up (8 check ins)

Options for continued coaching
A flexible month-to-month subscription and frequency of check-ins 

Video Coaching 


Monthly subscription:

4 weeks (CAD$325)

1 x 60 min session per week

2-4 people, CAD$445

Video Class


60 Minute session:


Zoom / Teams / Other



  • Screening/questionnaire and initial functional movement screening assessments where we can start top get a sense of who you are, your current level in the various elements required to handstand and understand your early thoughts on goals.  This will help us design and structure a program that best suits you.

  • Individualized program with detailed descriptions of the drills + demo videos of the drills included in your program. The program applies fundamental principles but has some flexibility as we learn together by doing the work.  So it will be updated throughout the coaching period depending on how your respond to the training stimuli and your progress.

  • Weekly check-in with feedback on videos from your training, tweaking of the program/necessary adjustments, answering any questions or clarifying areas you are unsure about.

Option 1:

Weekly follow up (4 check ins) - CAD$295


Option 2:

Bi-weekly follow up (2 check ins) - CAD$175

This option is perfect if you are the type of person who gets motivated by having someone guide you through a session and like to be pushed by a coach while getting live feedback on a more regular basis. We will arrange one live training session a week for a month to ensure your training is consistent. In between, you will practice the drills, techniques and engage in the workouts programed with you.


  • You decide what you want the session to be focused around

  • We will provide coaching, curing, feedback on skills, drills, techniques and any programming you have created

  • We will answer any questions you might have about programming, your training etc.

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