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Introduction to Handstands

Sunday 28 May 2023, 9:30a.m.  Any and All Welcome.

Beginner Workshop - CAD$30

Over the past 2 years, interest in, and the number of practitioners doing handstand has really taken off globally.  For those unaware, handstand practice builds strength, endurance, body awareness and control, balance, coordination and more.  And see our blog article for just some of the health benefits of inversions!.  

This is an opportunity for you to understand more about this fun discpline and engage in some foundational movements, drills, techniques, strengthening and flexibility targeted training.  There is no need or expectation to go upside down in this session.  Similarly, we have plenty of supported and assited ways of safely enabling you to experience a handstand before you can hold it yourself so you are welcome to try some inverted activities if desired.


Age (16+).  Any and all abilities welcome.




Thanks for registering to our event. See you there!

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